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Wall Sconces
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Something to brighten your night!

Our stainless steel wall sconces are easy to mount on your wall-even a sturdy pair of thumb tacks will do.Front panels are easily interchangeable with either a votive back or an electrical back panel.size : approx. 8" x 5" diameter

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#R159 Spiral Sun
#R154 Triangles
#R156 Snake
#R157 Waves
#R161 Celestial
#R158 Sun Rays
Nightime view
ELECTRICAL SCONCE : $ 49.00 comes with a 6ft white cord with twist switch and one 7watt bulb.
VOTIVE SCONCE : $ 43.50 comes with votive candle and glass cup.
#R162 Amphora
#R160 Flames
#R163 Tree
7Watt bulb is supplied, Maximum wattage is 22watts