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Wax Candle Information

Candles were among the earliest inventions of the ancient world, as shown by candlesticks from Egypt and Crete dating to at least 3050 BC. By the European Middle Ages tallow candles were in widely used.

In the 19th century a French chemist, Michel-Eugene Chevrul, separated the fatty acid from the glycerin of fat to produce stearic acid, from which superior candles could be made. New processes for producing candle stock appeared in rapid succession. In addition to stearin, two other important sources were found:spermaceti, from the head cavity of the sperm whale, and paraffin wax, from petroleum. A composite of paraffin and stearic acid became the basic candle stock.

In use,heat from the flame liquefies the wax near the base of the wick. The liquid flows upward by capillary action, then is vaporized by the heat.The flame is the combustion of the wax vapour.

The earliest method of candle-making was dipping the wick, usually made of flax or cotton fibers, into melted wax or fat and removing it to let it cool and solidify in the air. The candle was built up to the required thickness by successive dippings. Taper candles are still made by dipping, but most candles used today are molded,usually by machine.

Candle-molding machinery, also developed in the 19th century, consists of rows of molds in a metal tank that is alternately heated and cooled. After the molds are cooled,the candles are ejected by pistons.Spools of wicking from the bottom of the machine are threaded through the pistons to pass through the candle mold.As the cooled candles are ejected, the wicks are cut.

No longer man's major source of light, candles continue to grow in popularity and use. Today, candles symbolize celebration,mark romance, define ceremony, and accent decor — continuing to cast a warm glow for all to enjoy.

Encyclopædia Britannica
Our candleholders and votives are made in the USA, all of our candles and votives are heat treated to bring out the wonderful colors on stainless steel. Our copper shadowcaster votives cast huge shadows that delight adults and children. We sell candles and glass votive holders by the box at wholesale prices.

All of our candle and votive designs are copyrighted.

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